Cindy Schär is from Meyrin (Geneva), where she spent most of her life.

She has always been interested in helping and understanding the human body and she approaches alternative therapies through her various training in reflexology, Thai and classical massages, yoga and bodyART®.

After completing an academic course (Bachelor of Arts), she decided to start studying osteopathy at the Swiss School of Osteopathy in Belmont-sur-Lausanne

During the five years of training, she marvelled at the complexity of the body and the sometimes fragile balance that it has. She has learnt to tame the body, to go at its own pace and with respect.

During the three years of internship after graduating with a Diploma, she joined various practices throughout the French speaking part of Switzerland which allowed her to acquire a rich and varied experience.

Armed with this, she decided in 2018 to open her own practice in a multidisciplinary arcade.

She will be available at the office, during the stated hours and can be consulted in:

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Each consultation is unique!

During the first consultation, the therapist will collect the necessary information. By looking into the history, by observation, palpation and various tests, the axis of treatment can be oriented in order to identify if possible, the cause of functional disorder. This detailed investigation aims above all to detect possible contraindications that may lead the osteopath to exclude osteopathic treatment and instead to redirect the patient to a medical specialist.

In order to observe the asymmetries, the skin and the compensations, you are required to be in your underwear at all times whilst either standing, sitting or lying down.

The goal of the treatment is to normalize the tissues within which the therapist has diagnosed “osteopathic lesions” i.e. changes in the mobility between the tissues that may result in loss or decrease of organ function, a joint and translated in the short or medium term, by local or remote pain.